Masaharu Kato

Masaharu Kato

In 2002, I completed a doctoral course at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo.
After serving as an assistant at Tokyo Women’s Medical University, a research associate at the Department of Psychology at Uppsala University (Sweden), an associate professor at the Department of Psychology at Doshisha University, and a research specialist at the NTT Communication Science Laboratories, I assumed my current role in April 2015.
I was always interested in studying humans as software; my first research was on artificial intelligence and biochemistry. At one point, I was drawn to ecology and believed that the most important goal was understanding it at an individual level. As a result, my main interest became psychology—with my main subject being the depiction of individuals at a behavioral level. My specialty is the development of sensation and perception, integration of sensation, and facial recognition.
I’m also interested in the interaction between individuals. Studies on the autism spectrum are indeed the extension of such research.

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