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Observing babies talking to themselves

Observing babies talking to themselves

We are collecting a list of things that babies say when they talk to themselves. Some babies frequently play by making sounds with their voices when they are alone—while they are in a relaxed, pleasant state. Would you be able to record this “self-talk” at home—once every few months? The key here is that babies seemingly talk to toys or to themselves when they are calm, not when they are crying or fretting—during time alone when no one else who would respond is around.
In terms of developmental stages, we ask participants to make a recording once during each of the following periods: before babies start turning over in their sleep, before they start sitting up, and before they say their first words.
In most cases, we will lend you a small video camera. However, recording with your own video camera is not a problem; just send the data to the Center.
We are looking forward to your participation!


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