Authors Title Journal/Society Year of issue/ presentation
Papers Hapuarachchi, H., Higashihata, K., Sugiura, M., Sato, A., Itakura, S., & Kitazaki, M. Empathic embarrassment towards non-human agents in virtual environments Scientific Reports 2023
Papers Kato, T., Fujii, M., Kanatani, K., Niwa, F., Hirabayashi, K., Nakayama, T., & Itakura, S. Paternal involvement in infant care and developmental milestone outcomes at age 3 years: the Japan Environment and Children’s Study (JECS) Pediatric Research 2023
Papers Okanda, M., Itakura, S., Király, I., & Somogyi, E. Do you know the answers? Japanese and Hungarian preschoolers’ response tendencies to comprehensible and incomprehensible yes-no questions Cognitive Development 2023
Papers Yamaguchi, M., Ishibashi, M., Moriguchi, Y., Mitsuishi, H., & Itakura, S. Exploring role of sleep aids in sleep problems in preschool children Scientific Reports 2023
Papers Yamaguchi, M., Okanda, M., Moriguchi, Y., & Itakura, S. Young adults with imaginary companions: The role of anthropomorphism, loneliness, and perceived stress Personality and Individual Differences 2023
Papers Miraglia, L., Di Dio, C., Manzi, F., Kanda, T., Cangelosi, A., Itakura, S., … & Marchetti, A. Shared Knowledge in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) International Journal of Social Robotics 2023
Papers Köster, M., Bánki, A., Yamasaki, D., Kato, M., Itakura, S., & Hoehl, S. Cross-cultural differences in visual object and background processing in the infant brain Imaging Neuroscience 2023
Papers Bohn, M., da Silva Vieira, W. F., Giner Torréns, M., Kärtner, J., Itakura, S., Cavalcante, L., Haun, D., Köster, M., & Kanngiesser, P. Mealtime conversations between parents and their 2-year-old children in five cultural contexts Developmental Psychology 2024
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