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Yasuyuki Kawanishi

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Yasuyuki Kawanishi

After graduating from the Department of Medicine at Fukui University in 2006, Kawanishi served as a resident at Hokkaido University Hospital and in the Obstetrics Department at Sapporo City General Hospital—and as a Health Science assistant lecturer at Asahikawa Medical University. He assumed his current role in April 2016.
He is an industrial physician. He holds a certification from Japan Medical Association as an Obstetrics Specialist and a certificate in palliative-care training. His research activities are mainly centered around the Nationwide Research on Children’s Health and the Environment (Eco-Chil Research). As an additional research partner to the Hokkaido Unit, he conducts research on maternity yoga and human contact.
His personal interests include exploring methods that draw out peoples’ innate healing ability and investigate new preventative technologies from various angles. At the Baby Science Research Center, he conducts research on developmental disorders, while also being involved in Eco & Child Research.

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