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Yoko Shimada

Research fellow Yoko Shimada

She is a RPD member who studies babies’ vocalization and auditory psychology, and she participates in the assessment of developmental disorders at the Medical Department of Kyoto University. In this department, she studied the combined fields of arts and psychology; she started her post-doctorate coursework in psychology.
She completed her major in Psychology at the Graduate School of Letters at Kyoto University (Itakura Research Room) in 2008. After that, she began as a researcher in the same Graduate School on babies’ development, including studying how babies talk to themselves.
Thereafter, she served as a researcher in a project that analyzes conversations between caregivers and children in natural playing situations—at the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies at Kyoto University. She retired in 2013. Currently, she is taking a break to care for her second child.

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